The Caracas Blockchain Week will be held in Venezuela

Week From November 02 to 05, the first edition of the Caracas Blockchain Week (CBW) will be held in Caracas a crypto meeting in which a set of activities will be carried out to promote crypto education, adoption and business in Venezuela.

Said event, of which Cointelegraph en Español is pleased to be a media partner, it will have the participation of more than 30 leading figures of the crypto ecosystem, both from Venezuela, Latin America and the world, Some of them will be: Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of LatAmTech; Ángela Ocando, Director of Crypto at Platzi, Samson Mo, CEO JAN3 & Pixelmatic, among others.

Similarly, it is expected that this event, organized by Aníbal Garrido, Ezio Rojas, and Ernesto Contrerasbe an emblem for the cryptographic community in the country and the region, since it will show the current situation of the adoption of crypto that is happening in Venezuela and in the world.

Aníbal Garrido, advisor, digital miner and trader, has pointed out that despite the fact that Venezuela has been consistently rated by various studies as one of the countries with the highest adoption of cryptocurrencies; The country has not yet been able to demonstrate globally and share first-hand all the edges of this situation. “Despite having unique and different elements to what can be seen in other regions in the crypto ecosystem, with this summit we seek to tell the world what has been achieved and what can be built in Venezuela” said.

For its part, Ezio Rojas commented the following: “After meeting at several of the most important crypto conferences in the world, and hearing how Venezuela was always named in them, but we saw that events of international scope are never held in our country, given this, we started working from the end of 2021, and we began to assemble all the pieces, to be able to bring to Caracas the event that we have the pleasure of presenting to you today.”

In this sense, The objective of this conference appears with the idea of ​​sharing a positive vision about new technologies and capabilities within this industry for Venezuelans, and providing the best opportunity for international organizations to learn about the reality of the South American country.

On the other hand, it should be noted that The Caracas Blockchain Week (CBW) will have different types of activities during its week, these will be: Conferences, meetups and exhibitions, crypto experience activities, workshops and master classes.

Finally, according to the organizers, it is worth mentioning that a conference like this has never been held in the country, and in this sense, after more than a decade of economic recession, when Venezuela is showing signs of relief, and everything must be rebuilt, they take the opportunity to make such a conference that It will be held at the BOD Cultural Center in the Chacao municipality in Caracas-Venezuela. Those who wish to participate can visit the social networks of CaracasBlockchainWeek on TwitterInstagram or Linkedin and get in touch to get tickets, participate and watch it in streaming in the days that it will last.

Fuente: Bullfrag